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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cuddle Magic Plays an Intimate Vermont House Show

How to make your own binaural recordings

People have been asking "What is a good setup to get started making my own binaural recordings?"

As of April 2013, for you can get quality binaural mics and a portable recorder for ~$215. 

I like these binaural microphones from Sound Professionals that you wear in your own ears:
(Note: These mics require "plug-in power" which not all recorders provide.  Plug-in power is different than "phantom power".)

As far as the recorder, while I have not personally used it, this Tascam DR-07MKII looks like a really great device.  From the specs and reviews it looks really well designed for audio quality at the circuit level, it has the plug-in power required by the mics I recommended, it's small and has an optimal location for the microphone jack, and among other things is a really great deal.

Good luck recording!