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Friday, September 26, 2008

Annie and the Beekeepers + The Low Anthem @ Lizard Lounge 2008/09/06

Impressive Acoustic Groups:
Wow, what a great show! I had never heard of either of these groups before this show but was blown away. They both:
  • Performed amazingly--really great musicians all around.
  • The show was mixed really well.
  • The loudness of the mix was optimal (no earplugs required).
What more could you ask for?

A Short Rant About The Overuse of PA Systems:
My only complaint was with the use of a PA system--putting a microphone on every instrument + voice etc. and mixing it through speakers. PA systems are great for large spaces and overcoming noise. Though, since both of these groups had such warm "acoustic" sounds and it was such a small space, I think they should have just done it all acoustic with no speakers. Often times I think PAed shows are strange because you go and listen to what amounts to a live CD because you're really only hearing everything through speakers, instead of the acoustics of the instruments*. Seems backward to me.

This "magical" acoustical quality is what makes music really come alive. Acoustic instruments are made to fill these types of spaces and both groups clearly knew how to make their acoustic instruments sing--so why did the acoustical subtlety need to get lost through speakers? On my binaural recording, the effect of this is that it is more one dimensional in terms of the spatialization because you're mainly perceiving 1 loudspeaker that I'm standing close to. Please don't misunderstand: this is a rant on PA systems generally masking the subtlety of awesome groups, absolutely NOT the musicians or the sound mixer--they both rocked.

*Of course, if you're... let's say... Nirvana, this gripe might not apply to you quite as much.

The Recordings:
I wore the mics in my ears and was standing...

Annie and the Beekeepers:
A bit further back kind of near the bathrooms (as you can hear) to the right of the right speaker.
(Use Headphones for All Recordings)
Annie and the Beekeepers @ The Lizard Lounge by BinauralAirwaves

The Low Anthem:
Closer to the bar, quite close to the left speaker/stage.
2008 09 06 - Lizard Lounge - The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin by BinauralAirwaves

You really have to check these guys out.