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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Far Cry - 15 Member Unconducted String Group

Preconcert Sound Check. Manikin is in middle of aisle ~3 rows back.
It is not everyday that you experience the novelty that is a 15 member unconducted string group. But this fact belongs only as a footnote in the compendium that deserves penning for the passion, precision, and soul that this group seems to effortlessly breath into their musical art. This group of professionals reenergizes classical music by transforming groups of notes into stuning statements of elegant meaning. This is the aptly named: A Far Cry.

To add to this, classical music is probably the most optimal type of music for binaural recording since it is an inherently acoustic form of music that tends to be played in prime acoustic spaces. If it's great for our ears; it's great for binaural.

And they're playing Dvorak's Serenade for Strings!!!

A Far Cry
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
2009, March 6, Friday, 20:00

Antonin Dvorak
Serenade for Strings in E Major, Op 22
(Use Headphones for All Recordings)

Binaural Recording Info:
Microphone Setup: Ultra Hi-Fi Binaural Manikin Head
Master Recording Format: 5.6MHz/1bit Direct Stream Digital
Streaming Format: mp3 LAME 3.97 variable bit rate ~240 kbps 44.1kHz

A Far Cry will soon be releasing an album with recordings from the legendary Mechanic's Hall in Worcester, MA-world renowned for its ideal chamber music acoustics. In addition to my binaural recordings there were stereo and 5.0 recordings made by Jesse Lewis who is a really top notch audio engineer at Sound Mirror. This was tracked entirely at 2.8MHz/1bit and promises to be a very exciting release. I'll post more info as it's available.



Yiğit Konur said...

Thanks for this. They are great recordings!