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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Israel: Sea of Galilee

Israel - Sea of Galilee by BinauralAirwaves
Sea of Galilee:
I'm standing where the waterline has historically been. You can see that it is now hundreds of meters out due to 7 years of drought.
I stayed on the Sea of Galilee which is really more of a lake. It is a primary source of water for Israel. Though Israel is in the midst of a 7 year drought so the shores are vastly receded. Boats in Tiberias' harbor, which sits on the Sea of Galilee, sat on rock because the water level was so low.

However, this general area is in the more green part of the country compared to large desert expanses in the south. This means that there is abundant wildlife and plant life. Staying here for a few days I was able to take in the sounds at a few different times of day. It is amazing how different a place sounds throughout the course of the day.
Standing on shore, looking away from Sea of Galilee toward the sunset:

Sunrise, looking through tree grove toward nearby Sea of Galilee: