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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rökkurró @ Iðnó, Saturday 8pm (On-Venue)

Rökkurró @ Iðnó - Iceland Airwaves 2008 by BinauralAirwaves
Over my time in Reykjavik the frostline on the Reykjanes Mountains had dropped day after day and Saturday was the coldest day. It was crisp and clear as the temperature ducked below freezing and puddles became solid. Inside the airy and reverberant acoustics of the venue Iðnó, Rökkurró took the stage. 
Iðnó during sound check:
Rökkurró is currently headed on tour across Europe and will be featuring a choice selection of my ultra hi-fi binaural recordings of their Iceland Airwaves 2008 performances on a limited release special edition EP that will also include brand new songs. Check their site for info If you have a chance to see them: do not miss it!